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iconThe contents of study

1. Japanese Study Course and Feature
- Even if it starts with the first step, it is the study course which can go on to a first-class school.

- Aim at acquisition of Japanese capability required for activity, study, and a life at an entrance-into-a-school-of-higher-grade place.

- Prepare an opportunity to apply Japanese learned in the classroom by having exchange with people of an area, and an opportunity to experience a life of ordinary Japanese. A course of lectures for learning knowledge required for study in the university and vocational school in Japan, such as a practice lecture of Japanese WORD PROCESSOR and a lecture of a Japanese situation, is also opened suitably.

- In this school, examine periodically, and consider so that study may be made in the class suitable for a student's Japanese capability and study progress.
Beginners' class
Text Japanese for those who enter a school of higher grade 1, 2
Contents The right Japanese pronunciation is acquired.
Everyday communication is made.
An easy document can be read and a diary, a letter, and a composition can be written.
The 3rd class of a Japanese capability examination can be passed.

Middle class
Text J.BRIDGE, and Japanese expression sentence type 1, 2 etc.
Contents A newspaper and an easy editorial sentence can be read.
Regular news can be caught.
Its idea can be summarized, or it can write, or can announce.
200 points can be taken by foreign student examination "Japanese", and the 2nd class of a Japanese capability examination can be passed.

Middle and Upper class
Contents communication is made to nature with Japanese people.
He can hear and understand the report of common TV.
A newspaper and an easy novel can be read.
The 1st class of a Japanese capability examination can be passed.
Upper class
Text Japanese textbook upper 1 etc.
Contents Expression of natural Japanese can be performed.
A lecture, research presentation, etc. can be heard and knowledge can be acquired.
Japanese power required for special study and special research is learned.

The class and lesson according to the level
- Perform level authorization (examination) at the time of entrance and the term completion for every admission half a year, and learn by the class organization according to the degree of progress of Japanese capability based on this.
- Since it is a class charge system, grasp every applicant's (student) study situation and if required, also perform u.
- A lesson is performed so that 4 skill of "it reads", "it being heard", "it talking", and "writing" may be developed with sufficient balance.
- For you, put into a view "a Japanese studying-abroad examination", a "university entrance examination", etc. which are the present target in Japanese study, and perform a measure lesson firmly.

Evaluation of study
- Evaluate synthetically the everyday percentage of attendance and an everyday study attitude as a result of the review lesson (Monday) performed periodically or a merit examination. Especially the percentage of attendance is thought as important.
- A study attitude and results are "excellent student prize"" Presented [ be / under / enrollment-in-school / leading / it ] to the excellent student.

A Japanese studying-abroad examination, a Japanese capability examination, and the measure against an entrance examination (requirement lesson)
- In the class more than the middle class, "a Japanese studying-abroad examination" carried out in November and "a Japanese capability examination" carried out in December will be intensively coped with in a requirement lesson around from September.
- Perform entrance examination problem exercise and short article exercise / interview exercise for every school etc. just before the entrance examination time of the university which you wish.

2. Entrance-into-a-School-of-Higher-Grade Instruction
- Perform entrance-into-a-school-of-higher-grade counseling by - chief teacher for a class besides entrance-into-a-school-of-higher-grade guidance at any time periodically in this institute. By individual advice of the study method appropriate for the school of choice or the purpose, it supports so that you can expect taking an examination that there is nothing uneasily.

3. Scholarship System
- The scholarship system is provided in this institute. It commends to a study attitude and results excellent person for every term, and a scholarship is granted to him.

4. Study Course
- This institute is the school of the 2 part system which has a class (13:00 - 16:15) in a class (9:00 - 12:15) and the afternoon in the morning.
- University entrance examination measure lessons (English, mathematics, etc.) are taken as the subject of choice.
- He studies April - September, and October - March as one term, respectively.

- Timetable (example)
* 1 hour is a 90-minute lesson. (Eye the three time limits is 60 minutes)
A class/time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
AM class (1st class)
The one time limit
9:00 - 10:30
Text book Text book Grammar Text book Text book
The two time limit
10:45 - 12:15
Hearing and Conversation Vocabulary Reading comprehension Hearing and Conversation Composition
Common to a class in AM and PM (only selection person)
The three time limits
12:30 - 13:30
English Mathematics 1 Mathematics 2 English Physics and Mathematics
PM class (2nd class)
The four time limits
13:45 - 15:15
Text book Text book Grammar Text book Text book
The five time limits
15:30 - 17:00
Hearing and Conversation Vocabulary Reading comprehension Hearing and Conversation Composition
- The three time limits is a selection lesson in the afternoon in the morning with a class (part) and the common entrance-into-a-school-of-higher-grade subject of a class (two parts).
(Since a requirement, although only a candidate takes a lecture, the charge of attendance other than regular tuition is required.)
- Although the charge of attendance of a selection lesson changes with numbers wishing attendance, it is the monthly amount (schedule) of about 2500 yen per subject. Moreover, text cost is also needed separately.
- Perform the measure lesson of a studying-abroad examination and a Japanese capability examination in the class more than the middle class.

5. Annual Holiday
Saturday, Sunday, a public holiday, and a national holiday
Summer closure (beginning of the end of July - August)
Autumn closure (beginning of October)
Winter closure (beginning of the end of December - January)
Spring closure (beginning of the end of March - April)

Narashino Institute of Foreign Languages
CHI building, 4-1-8, Okubo, Narashino-shi,
Chiba-ken 275-0011 Janpan
Domestic TEL:047-474-6368 FAX:047-474-6395
Outside the country TEL:81+47-474-6368 FAX:81+47-474-6395