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It established for the purpose of the ability to receive the high lesson of the studying-abroad life which felt easy about your 100% entrance into a school of higher grade which aims at entrance into a school of higher grade in Japan, and Japanese progress, and a level.
The feature of this institute
It is blessed with surrounding environment.
This institute is the Tokyo heart.Narita (new Tokyo) international airport It is a train at middle and both and is in 40 minutes and the neighborhood, Nihon University,- Toho University (Science department-Pharmacy department)others A high school and a junior high school Elementary school- Be on the outskirts of location to a school zone with a kindergarten etc. Chiba finishing student meeting Narashino hospital (the old National Hospitals) and Okubo shopping centerit is alike, and it is quiet environment and the touching residential street can drive it into study in comfort -- it is in the blessed environment.

"Tokyo Disneyland" and international exhibition hall "Makuhari Messe", large-scale commercial institution "The Tokyo bay and RARA-PORT". There are many and opportunities to touch the latest technology and the latest commerce immediately in a side.

Narashino Institute of Foreign Languages (old Narashino Japanese school)
The independent 5-story building and the first floor are an office and a bookroom, and the second floor. 201 classrooms (40 persons), the third floor 301 classroom (15 persons) 302 classroom (ten persons), the fourth floor It is bright in each classroom of 401 classroom (15 persons) 402 classroom (ten persons), and equipment is substantial. The fifth floor is the lobby which can view the circumference

The photograph of a local shopping center (Okubo shopping center)

The useless first-class lecturer with abundant curriculums and experience who is not
In this institute, a curriculum is considered as efficiently as possible, and I teach so that you, an applicant (student), can attain the purpose on a high level. Moreover, the lesson of the high level of Japanese instruction or a "Japanese studying-abroad test" measure can be received because of entrance-into-a-school-of-higher-grade taking an examination.

Introduction of the personnel (2003. 12 present )
Executive Name Introduction
Chairman of the board of directors Yasunobu Toda They are officers, such as support, a university and a vocational school lecturer, a Japanese JIAN-QIU spread association, and the Funabashi international exchange association, about many lifelong learning activities.
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学院長 Yoshiaki Shirai a junior high school teacher principal and a prefecture -- the board of education -- the facilities planning division and the Funabashi board-of-education superintendents of education are successively held
Curriculum coordinator Michiko Ishikawa It will start for its new assignment to Vietnam for the 1988 Japanese teacher training lecture completion, Japanese exclusive duty teacher 15 years, and inner one year (as of 2003).
A full-time teacher Yuko Miyoshi The 1999 Japanese teacher training lecture completion, Japanese-language-education capability test success, Japanese teacher five years (as of 2003)
The other personnel There is a clerical employee a lecturer, assisted living charge, immigration management charge, and specializing in collection.

Exchange with a community
which promotes lifelong learning in this institute "Okubo community college"Since " is put side by side, the exchange with the people of an area can be performed through the experience activities of Japanese culture, such as Japanese dance, the tea ceremony, and flower arrangement, Bushido, or language study.

In this institute, the "foreign student support center" which the people of an area are managing as the volunteer is located, life counseling of worries is performed and study support is offered to it.

local international exchange an association -- a book -- an institute -- adjoining -- elementary and junior high schools -- local -- a neighborhood association -- etc. Chine "Jian-Qiu" and  South Korea " YUNNORI " and Vietnam " " and Sri Lanka "KYARON" and Mongolian "SHAGA" etc. A foreign country -- play, culture, introducing activity and positive carrying out. The part, October, 2003 NHK"-- good morning -- Japanese" It was come out and introduced.

It becomes acquainted with Japanese other than a Japanese lecturer by participating, and becomes an opportunity to understand a present-day Japanese's view, method of touch, social situation, and subject it not only to to study Japanese conversation, but.

Narashino Institute of Foreign Languages
CHI building, 4-1-8, Okubo, Narashino-shi,
Chiba-ken 275-0011 Janpan
Domestic  TEL:047-474-6368  FAX:047-474-6395
Outside the country TEL:81+47-474-6368 FAX:81+47-474-6395