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The outline of the Narashino Institute of Foreign Languages

It established for the purpose of the ability to receive the high lesson of the studying-abroad life which felt easy about your 100% entrance into a school of higher grade which aims at entrance into a school of higher grade in Japan, and Japanese progress, and a level.
The message from a chairman of the board of directors
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The Narashino Institutes of Foreign Languages studied Japanese happily with the life stabilized inJapan, and aims at the school which attains the entrance into a school of higher grade which is your purpose.
It is the information society which the thing in the world understands at its own country. However, I think that they are not known if different culture or a different custom do not actually live in the country. I have supported many foreign students regionally. They are the introduction activities of problem solution of everyday life, "play" of a mother country, and meal culture. It is said that he will meet many Japanese as being based on the foreign student who became acquainted there, and not only Japanese but culture and a custom will be understood. Many concerned foreign students graduate from a graduate school, a university, and a vocational school after that, and are playing an active part in in and outside the country.

Studying abroad is also the first step of independence again. Long distance hoHE me must be left and it must live all inconvenient and inconvenient lives by its hand. When this problem is solved for a life in Japan which you regard as uneasy by help of you of a school and a community, some which you gain have a big thing.
It is a lesson and extracurricular activities and a veteran's teachers teach warmly and severely the Japanese study which we need for entrance into a school of higher grade.

I am looking forward to the day which can meet you who aim at Japanese studying abroad in the Narashino Institute of Foreign Languages.

Chairman of the board of directors Yasunobu Toda
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About the optimal Japanese school for entrance into a school of higher grade
In order to go on to the university and vocational school in Japan, what Japanese school should be chosen?

1. School Which Can Develop Elementary Student's Japanese Power Certainly The school which is performing firmly.
2. the studying-abroad examination, and the Japanese capability measure examination.
3. School Which Has Arranged Members of Lecturer with Abundant Experience of Taking-an-Examination Instruction.
4. School Which Has Opened Course of Studying-Abroad Examination of Mathematics, English, Etc., and University Entrance Examination Measure Lesson.
5. School Which Can Provide Foreign Student with Entrance Examination Information.
6. Surrounding Foreign Students are Studying Japanese for the Same Purpose.
7. School with Individual Instruction by Charge or Counselor
8. School Which Can Do Admission by Recommendation to University or Special Study.

The Narashino Institute of Foreign Languages is the Japanese school of a taking-an-examination preliminary educational speciality which fulfills these conditions.

Narashino Institute of Foreign Languages
CHI building, 4-1-8, Okubo, Narashino-shi,
Chiba-ken 275-0011 Janpan
Domestic TEL:047-474-6368 FAX:047-474-6395
Outside the country TEL:81+47-474-6368 FAX:81+47-474-6395