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Extracurricular activities

Exchange with an area
The exchange with the people of an area is performed in this institute.
It becomes acquainted with Japanese other than a Japanese lecturer, and becomes an opportunity to understand a present-day Japanese's view, method of touch, social situation, and subject it not only to to study Japanese conversation, but.

2004/09/26(Sat.) It is the detective team "Asia MARUKAJIRI" (Funabashi Katsushika public hall) Sri Lanka food experience anything
2004/08/28(Sat.) It is play of detective team "Asia MARUKAJIRI" (Funabashi Katsushika public hall) Sri Lanka anything.
2004/08/14(Sat.) The Narashino summer theater (roof opening)
2004/08/07(Sat.) Chiba fireworks display (roof opening)
2004/08/01(Sun.) Narashino citizen festival "KIRATTO and 2004"
2004/07/31(Sat.) Narashino city and Urayasu city Fireworks display (roof opening)
2004/07/29 - 30 Fuji mountain-climbing, and one night [ of hot springs ] bus hike
2004/07/28(Wed.) Funabashi City fireworks display (roof opening)
2004/07/10(Sat.) It is play of detective team "Asia MARUKAJIRI" (Funabashi Katsushika public hall) South Korea anything.
2004/07/09(Fri.) The Kanto shell Shin-etsu area Japanese speech contest (Funabashi Mr. central public hall)
2004/07/07(Wed.) It obtained -singing - 1 chome (support bridge)
2004/06/26(Sat.) It is the detective team "Asia MARUKAJI" (Funabashi Katsushika public hall) bus hike anything.
2004/06/20(Sun.) Local cleaning volunteer activity (road cleaning)
2004/06/06(Sat.)It is play of detective team "Asia MARUKAJIRI" (Funabashi Katsushika public hall) China anything.
2004/05/30 The day of Narashino 530 (garbage zero), volunteer participation
2004/05/29 The Vienna serenade concert (Narashino culture hall)
2004/05/22 Investigation of an opening-a-school commemoration "Khoomeii and Bato koto concert" wind and a prairie(Those with photographes)
2004/05/22 Japanese-clothes "KIMONO" experience classroom
2004/05/22 It is the detective team "Asia MARUKAJIRI" Funabashi Katsushika public hall anything(Photographes edited by Vietnam)NEW
2004/05/01 Makuhari beach Walking
2004/04/24 Birthday meeting
2004/04/17 SAWAYAKA Walking
2004/04/09 An opening ceremony of a school and entrance ceremony
2004/01/24 Performance of making a water Chinese meat dumpling and a Mongolian Bato koto.(Talkative nut work IN Vernal Equinox Day)
2003/12/28 It participated in the Chirdren rice-cake making party.(Those with photographes)

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