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1. Support of School Life or Everyday Life
At the time of the Narita Airport arrival (at the time of entrance into a country), a welcome and send-off, we introduce a surrounding cheap super and convenience store, and a foreign student are supported for nothing so that a life in worried Japan can be lived in comfort Local shopping center. It is environment very convenient for everyday life, and living expenses are cheap as compared with the inside of Tokyo.
Please consult with freely a senior foreign student's advice and the staff of a school on the uneasiness in an everyday life always. I offer suitable support.

2. Dwelling
In Japan, it is not easy for a foreign student to look for lodgings of an apartment etc.
In this institute, the student dormitory is prepared so that he may secure and feel easy from the day of a visit to Japan and can devote himself to study.
Please look about expensive School-regulations pay table.

3. Healthy Management
In this institute, I perform a medical checkup to 1 time per year, and also grasp a student's health condition because class charge and a chief teacher perform healthy counseling at any time.
When there is also a hospital whose doctor who can understand Chinese and English is in the circumference of this institute and a problem arises for a student's health, suitable disposal is performed promptly.

4. Exchange with Area
In this institute, kubo community college Since it is 𕹐(ing), the exchange with the people of an area can be performed.
It becomes acquainted with Japanese other than a Japanese lecturer, and becomes an opportunity to understand a present-day Japanese's view, method of touch, social situation, and subject it not only to to study Japanese conversation, but.

5. Insurance under Japanese Residents
(1) National health insurance
It joins at the time of the alien registration of a place of residence. Injury and sick medical treatment can be undergone only by covering 30 percent of expense individually.

(2) Student personal accident insurance
This institute is simultaneously joined automatically with entrance into a school at personal accident insurance. Death, injury, compensation, etc. are compensated.

6. Part-time Job
The Japanese study of the student who has visited Japan in the residents qualification of entering school is the purpose. Please concentrate on Japanese study for [ visit-to-Japan ] three months.
Part-time job is submitting a "activity-other-than-that-permitted permission document" to the Regional Immigration Bureaus, and can do the part-time job of less than 4 hours per day. However, since entrance into a school of higher grade is the purpose, it is necessary to allot as much time as possible to study of Japanese and its required subject.
If like, sufficient study is not made, but the level of a school of choice must be lowered or the thing which are devoted to part-time job and for which extension of an entering-school period is not permitted also has every day. In the organization which can concentrate on study, we recommend you to visit Japan.

7. Life Expense Assumed
Food expenses are a (monthly amount) and the minimum abbreviation of 20,000 yen or more. (the circumference of this institute is a cheap supermarket, and Local shopping center supports a cheap foreign student), so it can be said that living expenses are cheap as compared with the inside of Tokyo.

"It is a 100 yen store anything" is around this institute, and an everyday life article and food can purchase for 100 yen.

When telephoning the house in China, it can be used for 15 yen for 1 minute. (It is installed in this institute)

Those who need a bicycle can be purchased for about about 3,000 yen.

8. Privilege
- At the time of the Narita Airport arrival (at the time of entrance into a country), I welcome and send off to an airport for nothing.
- every -- a term -- every -- I award results prize for an excellent work, a reward for perfect attendance, etc. to an appropriate person
- Participate in the people and the exchange meeting of an area.
- Introduce the play culture of foreign countries, such as the China "JIAN-QIU ", and participate in an exchange meeting with a local school.

Narashino Institute of Foreign Languages
CHI building, 4-1-8, Okubo, Narashino-shi,
Chiba-ken 275-0011 Janpan
Domestic TEL:047-474-6368 FAX:047-474-6395
Outside the country TEL:81+47-474-6368 FAX:81+47-474-6395